#IMLIVING was birthed out of the process of self discovery.
— Jorge

Jorge E. Tecunolmos was born in the 1980's in Guatemala City, Guatemala, a small country in Central America. Born out of wedlock and during the guerrilla warfare, he was left as an orphan and given into adoption to an American missionary family.

Growing up in a foreign country and being present in missionary and humanitarian work, Jorge developed an interest in international relations and business. After high school, he traveled to Lindale, TX where he interned at a leadership academy. The program recruited students from all across the country and Canada. It was a very rigorous and disciplined  program, but also a huge stepping stone in Jorge's development. He continued there for two additional years. After the completion of the internships, programs, and two years of college in Texas, he found himself ready for a new chapter in life. Jorge drifted from place to place for a little while, looking for a place where he could settle down until he decided to stay in Rhode Island. It was while visiting a friend that he arrived at the Mid-Ohio Valley (MOV). Little did he know that this visit would be the beginning of a new life.

After visiting the MOV several times, Jorge decided to leave his home in Rhode Island and relocate. He continued his education at West Virginia University in Parkersburg and integrated himself into the work force.
In the summer of 2010, Jorge E. Tecunolmos stumbled upon his unique ability to paint while doing volunteer work. Since then, he has been able to exhibit his works of art in public and private gallery settings.
Now, with this new passion, Jorge is determined to live a more fulfilled and passionate life while changing the lives of others in the process. Wanting to help, he created #IMLIVING; an emerging company that creates, designs and incorporates modern art into avenues that can enhance the lives of others. The designs promote identity and a sense of pride in never forgetting where one comes from. #IMLIVING takes 28% of each sale and uses it to multiply opportunities for children who are born unprivileged inside the United States and around the globe.

We want to provide financial help to develop children so that they can shine and change the future of their families and communities.
— Jorge

Currently, #IMLIVING partners with organizations who foster, educate and facilitate the adoption of children. One of the biggest stories Jorge shares with people is that he found himself by giving himself away. This is the message he desires to convey to each person reading this; find the good in you and share it with others. One never knows what can happen when one does it...

I never woke up in the mornings dreaming that I would be an artist, or that I would found #IMLIVING. It all happened as I met other peoples’ needs. It’s life... it is more beautiful to give than to receive... it is an inner revolution. Waking up in the mornings now and knowing that I can make a difference gives me the passion, the strength and the courage to do it all over again; its not about me anymore!
— Jorge

In addition to giving, #IMLIVING believes in a culture of serving. Therefore, we recruit volunteers through out our local community; people who are passionate about building stronger and more vibrant communities.
People like you can help us achieve our mission.




Jorge Tecunolmos