We believe that we can make an impact in people’s lives through business.
— Jorge E. Tecunolmos

Since our start in 2012, we have made great efforts to understand the importance of our company while integrating sustainable and responsible practices into all that we do.

Currently, we are partnering with local and international non-profit organizations whose mission is to foster, educate and facilitate adoptions. The support these organizations receive helps cover schools fees, uniforms and school supplies through out the year. In addition to education, there are personal development programs available to the candidates who seek to improve their psychological, physical and spiritual life - all offered by our partners.

To tend for their medical needs, we provide medical check ups regularly. All these goals are being achieved by working together with other organizations and strategic alliances. The kids can continue to receive these scholarship benefits all through their time at school until they are professionals graduated from college. Our partner agencies have started working on searching for candidates to become beneficiaries of our programs and are currently inside the United States, Guatemala and Haiti.

We are looking for kids up to the age of 16 who come from a low income household and who show a great potential and deposition to work hard to reach for their dreams. We will continue to travel this path and communicate to you along the journey.



Jorge Tecunolmos