Miss West Virginia Photoshoot

It's mid-summer and we are having an incredible time here at #IMLIVING. We have been busy working & meeting so many beautiful people, people whose stories have challenged us to become a better and stronger company.

Last Month (July), a group of creative minds from #IMLIVNG headed to the Blennerhassett Island State Park in West Virginia, to work with the beautiful Charisse Heislop, the current Miss West Virginia USA. The trip was a total adventure and a great experience for the team and for the queen. Great adventures require the perfect people and we were very lucky to have found her. We met Charisse earlier in the year and had the opportunity to share our mission to her. We extended her an invitation to join us but never expected to have her on board so soon.

When one thinks of beauty queens one immediately thinks of glamour & fame; sophistication & beauty. Charisse surely possesses all of these attributes but what we enjoyed the most was getting to now her behind all of those perceptions. Seeing how kind, fun and open minded she is; ready to be the first one to take the risk to help others was far richer than anything else. Walking through some muddy spots in the island with her white pants and changing in a tent full of spiders were true tests of her personality. She proved herself as a true hero! We are grateful for the experience of working with her and calling her a friend of #IMLIVING.

Before I die I want to...

The phrase, "Before I die, I want to..." was recently written on a large chalkboard in downtown Parkersburg, WV sparking many people to use it as a medium for their own personal thoughts.

The sign was posted August 1st at Point Park & built by volunteers of #IMLIVING.
Before I die is a global art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in public space. This project was started by Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans after she lost someone she loved.


The wall is so full it's hard to read now. When we put it up, we didn't know what was going to happen. It was kinda of an experiment just to see. We got amazing responses. We've got people who said meaningful things, reflections on their lives on what they want to do. Some people put up pretty funny comments.

Some of the responses include:

"Before I die I want to love myself."

"Before I die I want to see my son's illness be cured."

"Before I die I want to eat at Golden Corral."

"Before I die I want to make more money than Oprah."

They are powerful responses written from a wide array of people during various moments in their lives.

We are taking the wall down from the current location in Parkersburg, WV and taking it to the town of Marietta, OH.

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